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Do You Know About Landing Page?

People in Marketing mostly spend a lot of time creating blogs on their website to drive traffic and hope that the target audience will join the opt-in process. In reality, some may and some may not. Depending on the content, if the content entices prospective customers then it will lead into sales but if they don’t like it, you will not turn it into a customer.

Why Landing Pages?

Landing Page has a lot of purpose- to sell products/services, getting leads by capturing emails and for some they use landing pages to make an announcement about the upcoming promos or activity.

Include Web Design is here to guide you and walk you through the Landing Page.


We are a digital design and development agency that empowers social enterprises and minority-owned businesses through Web Design, Search Engine Optimization and Strategic Marketing.

Include mission

Our mission is to help 100 Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) grow to 7 Figures & Beyond over the next 5 years.

Let us all learn what is a Landing Page?

It is a one-page website that drives visitors towards conversion by getting them to click through to a specific action.

Also, there are things that you have to keep in mind in creating a landing page. Hence, you should know the Key goals of a landing page and Types of landing pages.

Key goals of a Landing Page

  • Promoting one desired action

  • Explaining the benefits of performing that action

  • Make users click or provide information

  • Send message in powerful and concise way

Types of Landing Pages

  1. Splash page

  2. Squeeze page

  3. Lead capture/Lead magnet page

  4. Sales page

  5. Thank you page

  6. Unsubscribe page

  7. Viral page

  8. 404 page

Below are the purpose and components of each page for you, you will see the difference of each landing page and from there you can now identify/decide if where do you want you to place your brand to market.

Splash page


Precedes any page on your website to convey

one specific message before entry.


  • High-quality visuals

  • Minimal (but important!) copy

  • A call-to-action (CTA)

Lead capture/Lead magnet page


Collect more detailed information from leads and

nurture them down the marketing funnel


  • Lead Magnet offer

  • Visitor form

  • Informative copy

  • Meta description and SEO titles


Like any other pages, yours should be short, precise, word conscious and uncluttered but offer all the necessary information. Come up with essential information that will interest your audience to your readers. Remember! Do not overwhelm the visitors.

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