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Contact Information for the Website

This is the contact information we will put on your website 

Who is this website for?

Website Information 

Here's where we'll start to get into some of the details.

Here is where you can enter the various page titles for the pages in your website. If you input 4 pages in the field above, here in this section please enter what those 4 page titles are. 

Target Industry & Audience Insights 

We will use this information to guide the page layouts, design and site imagery.

What Industry Are You In?

Design Ideas

We will use this information to guide the selection process of images and the color palette for the website. NOTE: This is not what your website will look like, it only serves as a guideline design of taste or preference. Just choose the option you like the most out of the options presented.

Color Palette 

Select the color palette that you want for your website. If you have a custom color paltette please choose other and give us the RBG codes.

Would you recommend us to your friends?

Business Marketing Questions 

In this section we will get into you market business.

Do you have a specific company logo?
Do you have an existing website?
Is the website mobile-enabled?
Do you have any special functionality needed on this new website?

Website, Domain & Other Accounts You Own/Control

In this section we need your URLS, username and passwords so we can integrate your new website with your social media accounts. Please provide us the username and password for all applicable accounts.

Please provide us login information to current domain registrar and hosting accounts here.

Logo and Images Upload Section 

It is important for us to have your company logo and other images you would like on your website in digital format and preferably in high resolution (grater than 1024x768 pixels). Please upload any images you have for us here. If you have more than 6, please put them into a zip folder sand upload the zip folder as one file.

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